6 Moving Tips for First Time Movers in NYC

6 Moving Tips for First Time Movers in NYC

Are you about to shift your base sometime soon? It could be that you have finally got your dream home. Or is it that you have landed up with an excellent job offer in another city? Well, whatever be the reason behind your move, you have to start your preparations early. Moving is an elaborate affair and one needs to be really particular with each step.

The post below offers 6 moving tips for first time movers in NYC.

Make a list of your possessions

Make a list of all your valuables that you currently have in your present home. Categorize them in 3 different columns. One would be for the things that you are going to carry with you to your new home. The second one would be for those stuff that you don’t want to carry. The third one would be for those that you are planning to sell off. The list would be handy to decide on your packing needs.

Inform your post office

Inform your post office about the change of address so that all the new mails could be redirected to your new address after you move in. Notify the officials about the date of moving.

Inform your utility and cable company

You would also need to inform your utility and cable company about the change of address. As with the post office, here too you will need notify about the date of moving.

6 Moving Tips for First Time Movers in NYC

Inform the school

If you are moving to another city, you would probably need to change school. Plan your move a month ahead of the start of new session. This way, your kids can enroll into the new school from the beginning of the session. But before everything, you should inform the current school about the change.

Notify your office

If you are about to leave your current job and join another office, you must inform your HR about your decision beforehand. Do you wish to continue with the same company even after your move? Well, then inform the company about your new neighborhood so that you can be transferred to its branch in the new city.

Contact a reliable moving company

Don’t make the mistake of not consulting a moving company for your move, especially when you are a first time mover. These NYC Moving Companies  are backed by seasoned packers and movers who know the exact packing requirements for different stuff. Their expertise is especially important when it comes to packing delicate assets like your granny’s piano. Just make sure to get a comparison study on at least 4-5 moving companies before you make the final call.

Get a view of the neighborhood

Before you move in finally, try to get a view of the neighborhood. Ask the previous owner about the local supermarket, hospital, entertainment centers, shopping malls, car servicing center etc. Also, it would be good to introduce yourself to the new neighbors.

Moving is no doubt hectic but these 6 tips will assure a stress-free journey for you.