Are you facing the damp on the wall- contact damp specialists now

One of the most common problems that are faced by the building owners during the rainy season is the damp that stays on the wall. This erodes the wall gradually which leads to the complete damage in one day. That is why one should be aware of the damp at the beginning itself. These damp will not only damage the things that are visible to the eye but also decays the timbers that are used inside the building. These when not given care at the beginning stage will cause serious damage to the properties. Thus, one should avoid these damp at the earlier stage. By understanding this issue, there are a lot of companies that are helping the people in getting rid of from this issue. One among such is the tapco home dry that consists of specialists who are expert at damp proofing which includes analyzing of all the issues like what has caused the problem, how to rectify it, and how to stop this from getting serious, etc.

What are the basic causes of these damp in the wall?

The damp is caused because of the various reasons like the penetration of rain water into the wall and due to some other water damage. The rising damp is a kind of issue in which the damp usually start from the bottom of the wall and spread up to the ceiling. These happen because of the porous building materials like bricks and mortar that are damaged at the bottom of the wall which may due to the tap leakage or the penetration of rain water.

How to identify?

If you could see the wet at the bottom of the wall which can be identified by feeling cold on touching and if you get the same feel around that region then this is definitely said to be a damp is rising. This is very dangerous as it will spread very soon by absorbing the moisture from the atmosphere. It is better to make a call to the damp proofing specialists in case if you have identified it so that you can protect your building from further serious damages. They will come to your home directly and treat the issue by injecting the siloxane cream into the wall. Then it is treated with the highest performing timber preservative which can be used for preventing the damages that are caused to the timber. After completing this system, the wall can be perfectly ready for re-decoration. The same system is used for treating the lateral damages in the wall and condensation which are actually very harmful to the building.