Four Reasons to Polish Your Concrete

Four Reasons to Polish Your Concrete

When choosing the right material for the interior and exterior of your home, there are many options available with a wide range of material-specific benefits and advantages. That said, many homeowners forget to consider what might be done to the chosen material to increase the number of benefits or to remove any disadvantages altogether. Polished concrete is one such material that will offer all the durability and lifespan of concrete without any of the frustrations that the traditionally porous material can cause.


Polished concrete can significantly reduce the amount of allergens found inside a home due to the carpet collecting them in its fibres and this is a big reason why many homeowners are currently making the switch. Carpeting is one of the largest contributors to the problem and it is also one of the most difficult flooring materials to keep clean over time, especially if you have pets or children living in the household. Dust mites, pollen, and a wide range of other allergens can slowly build up underneath the visible surface of carpeted floors but polished concrete can eliminate this frustration altogether by offering no safe haven for such harmful materials.

Air Quality

Polished concrete in Perth will actually reduce your exposure to toxic mould that may cause a wide range of symptoms from headaches to severe respiratory infections and even immune system disorders. Mould can thrive on absolutely any type of organic material, including wood flooring, and it can grow for months or even years underneath your flooring where it may be warm, moist and humid. Wood, carpets fabricated using natural fibres, and other organic materials can cause this type of health risk to grow easily but polished concrete floors do not support this growth and leave no room for its start.

Four Reasons to Polish Your Concrete

Reduced Dust

Polished concrete floors are also a great choice if you also want to implement a radiant heating system, which is a system built underneath your flooring that is designed to heat your home using a more energy-efficient method. With a radiant heating system, coils are installed underneath your flooring and heating using electricity or hot water, warming the floor and eventually the room using the sheer power of radiating heat waves. Not only is concrete the ideal material for this type of heating but you should see your monthly utility bills drop by a large margin, allowing you to save hundreds each year.

Fewer Chemicals

Polished concrete will significantly reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used in the production of many flooring materials. Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental dangers and the majority of people spend a minimum of 80% of their time indoors. Polished concrete floors are completely free of toxins, they are easy to maintain and keep clean over time, and you may enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will never need to worry about the material producing harmful products.

Polish concrete will also simply look great, allowing you to create a wonderful home that will stand out from your neighbours’ properties. This is your opportunity to create a truly unique and beautiful home and this is true of both the exterior and the interior.