Utilizing the Power of the Sun

As I was surfing the internet, I found a very interesting website from a company called Humless. It is a company that provides an amazing variety of products with a concept of solar power systems portable to every need of every person. They have the drive to provide clean, renewable and reliable power solutions by utilizing solar energy and innovation through cutting edge technologies to every household.

Browsing their website, I was amazed how many products that they have successfully incorporated with their concept and how it can turn a household into a self-sustaining home. Their products can also be used as a sound investment and alternative source of energy which can decrease monthly utilities significantly. It also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing pollution productions.

Lithium LiFe

As all generators and power equipment, they all possess a battery which can store energy for a long period of time and that energy can be tapped to operate the machinery. Also most of the commercially available in the market are either made of lead acid batteries or lithium ion batteries. These types of batteries are cheap to produce but quite harmful. Lead acid batteries can emit harmful gases when damaged which can adversely affect the health of your family members while lithium ion batteries are fire hazard which is usually used on phones.

Meanwhile, Lithium LiFe or Lithium Iron Phosphate is a new innovation of lithium batteries. It does not emit any chemical gases and it is not a fire hazard. It is lighter in comparison to other batteries which can be diminishing the size and space it requires. Lithium LiFe also has four times life cycle than other batteries and can operate for a long duration without recharging or maintenance. Therefore, all the products being provided by Humless is using this amazing battery.

Too many solar powered items

Their products come in many variants and essential tool for living and provide conveniences in daily activities. A great product such as the solar battery chargers, it utilizes the power of the sun to recharge any type of batteries from AAA up to D batteries into full capacity. It also has a variant for charging smart phones which make it the coolest and useful product in their line up.

They also have a product called solar fire starter, hence instead of hurting your hand using stone and flints to light up a fire or relying on lighters, you can use this product to conveniently start a fire anywhere. They also have solar refrigerators and solar coolers which are mostly portable, hence, you can even bring it to your outing and camping activities to preserve perishables commodities even without electricity outlet.

Another amazing product is the solar powered backpack; it is much convenient for hikers and campers especially in recharging their gadgets which are important to retain a communication in the outside world in case of emergencies. It is also much powerful and reliable in comparison to power banks. As you can see, they have unusual products but very useful and amazing because it uses the power of the sun instead of relying on electricity, gasoline and oil products. It is also a great investment for the long run and companies like Humless will ensure the future for a renewable but reliable source of clean energy.